Top Tips On How To Keep Your Birk Slippers Clean

Written by Joseph Oduro
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Maintaining clean birk slippers is a major contributor to securing the durability of your slippers. Unaware of the materials used in the slippers and their behavior with some cleaning agents may cause the tearing and wearing of your slippers. Today, we will give you important tips on how you can safely clean your slippers without compromising any of the materials used in manufacturing the slippers.

Adhere to these five important tips to keep your birk slippers clean.

1. Avoid using Laundry Detergents

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These chemicals may prove effective in removing stains and dirt on materials, you should avoid all laundry detergents when cleaning your leather slippers. Even though Laundry detergents remove dirt that ought to be removed from the leather, it can also ruin the color of some leathers (Decoloration). It is advisable that hand soaps are used in cleaning the leather of your birk slippers. You are better off using cleaning products specifically made for leathers. An example of such products is Kiwi Saddle Soap

2. Know your leather type

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The type of leather your Birk slippers are made of determines what cleaning agent you should use. There are basically three types of leather: Finished leather (treated leather) which is often covered in a protective coating, Suede Leather, and Faux leather(also a finished leather). Hand Soaps or Saddle soaps are just fine for cleaning Finished leathers(Treated Leathers). Suede Leathers on the other hand can be cleaned with the use of Suede shoe spray. A very typical example of birk slippers made with a Suede leather can be found here.

3. Treat stains as soon as they happen

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The best way to deal with liquid stains on the leather of your birk slippers is to treat them right away by drying them out with a soft cloth to remove as much moisture as possible. Then, dab the area with a soft, damp cloth (use warm water—no soap). You can also dampen a cloth with a leather cleaner—but if you're using a product that comes in a spray bottle, spray it onto the cloth first rather than directly onto the surface of the leather. Don't rub, or you could leave a water stain. Dry it again using a dry cloth.

4. Remove difficult stains with Alcohol

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Difficult stains like Grease stains, ink stains, and makeup stains that don't come clean after gentle spot-cleaning may need to be professionally cleaned. For a do-it-yourself approach, a difficult stain on the leather of your birk slippers can be removed by soaking a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently dabbing the area in a circular motion to best clean the leather.

5. Store birk slippers properly

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Keep your birk slippers in a dry place free of dust. Avoid exposing your birk slippers to direct sunlight this can lead to a change in the color of your leather (discoloration). To help keep them in shape, always clean them with a clean towel and store them in a dust bag.


It is very vital to keep your birk slippers clean all the time in order to ensure durability and also avoid the damage of the materials used in producing the slippers. In so doing make sure to avoid the use of laundry detergent when washing your slippers, get to know the leather type of your birk slippers, treat stains immediately they appear on your leather, remove difficult stains with the use of alcohol and make sure to store your birk slippers in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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